Client Reviews

Take Their Word For It

After sessions, I'm grateful to hear from clients about how valuable the training was. Here are actual unsolicited emails from my inbox.

"We had our monthly department meeting, and after several team members presented, my boss turned to me with a smile and said, 'You gotta tell Mary Milla what a difference her training has made for us.'" -- Gary

"My speech Thursday was a huge hit - it really is possible to feel that the audience is with you! Afterward, two of my team leaders gave me a high-five and said it really hit home!" -- Glenna

"I wish you could have been there. I truly believe I did 1000% better than my usual. Lots of praise from the group when I was done and actually looking forward to doing it again! -- Shannon

"I was stopped in the hall by several women who made a point of telling me how fabulous your presentation was, and one woman told me it was the best workshop she had ever been to." -- Julie

"I would have to say that your training was the best I've ever received since working here. It reminded me to remember my audience and their attention span, as well as all the jargon we speak around here. Thank you!" -- Kevin

"Many of my colleagues have referred to your workshop in the last several weeks - we're trying hard not to be the Bad Examples that you shared!" -- Glenda

"A quick note to thank you for your help in making the presentation to our corporate board a success! I actually got a round of applause on slide 2!" -- Molly

"You've empowered the team to 'live on the wild side' by considering a 'dialogue' rather than a PowerPoint presentation as the way of communicating their messages. While there is certainly safety in using what you know, they were at the very least enlightened to know they can explore alternatives. I enjoyed the session immensely, Mary." -- Bill

"Mary, this is just a short note to thank you for working with me this morning. It was a terrific session - truly terrific. I'll go into this next round of talks more relaxed and confident, and probably seem considerably more smart a a result!" -- LaRaye

"I was sitting in the front row of your recent workshop - thanks for putting up with me! The presentation you helped me write there was used on Monday evening at a team meeting. I got what I needed. Your system works!" -- Daniel