Custom Videos

Custom Video Courses

If you like the idea of providing on-demand video training, but would prefer a course tailored to your organization, contact Mary about producing a custom course for media training or presentation skills. 

Media Training

You need a custom media training video if: 

  • You have so many subject matter experts that getting and keeping them media-trained is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Your internal media relations team is good at role-playing mock interviews, but would welcome a time-saving video that covers the basics of interview prep when media inquiries come in on short notice.

Presentation Training

You need a custom presentation skills video if:

  • Your leaders and subject matter experts who speak at conferences, on panels and other high-stakes opportunies are doing do with little or no guidance and support.
  • You have a cohort of high-potentials who are very good at what they do, they just struggle to talk about what they do, and it's holding back their career advancement.