Profile Videos

Make a Great First Impression

Short, well-produced videos can make all the difference when introducing yourself or your organization. Mary's husband, Mike Binkley, spent 34 years telling stories on television. In retirement, he stepped behind the camera and now produces videos for individuals and organizations.

Mike keeps the costs of your video down, because he alone does the work of a full production crew: producer, videographer, editor, graphics, animation and music selection.

Go Virtual, Fast!

Mike produced this video for these California literacy coaches who had to quickly pivot to the virtual world. Mike interviewed them via Skype and instructed them how to shoot their own b-roll. He selected music and edited all the elements together in less than 24 hours.

Realtor Intro

This real estate agent packs information and emotion into a 1:15 video.

Showcase Capabilities

Think it’s not possible to feel warm and fuzzy about a wiring manufacturer? Check this out. 

Consultant Bio

Here, you learn about the services offered by this consultant—with testimonials from clients as well—in little more than a minute.