Custom Videos

Custom Training Videos and Courses

If your team would prefer to learn on their own time and cut down on live screen time, Mary can produce training videos specifically tailored to your goals and needs. Mary's husband, Mike Binkley, does the shooting and editing. Mike spent 34 years telling stories on television. In retirement, he stepped behind the camera.

Together, Mary and Mike keep your costs down, because the two of them do the work of a full production crew: writer, producer, videographer, editor, graphics, animation and music selection. 

Online Courses

Mary has produced multi-part online video courses for clients who need in-depth, on-demand training for employees and external stakeholders. The courses are tailored to the organization's messaging, and come complete with worksheets and workbooks. Pictured here is a screenshot from an online media interview preparation course for dairy farmers throughout the country.

Pre-Training Homework

Instead of spending a half day in Zoom for media training, Mary produces videos for participants to watch before live training. The videos teach participants how to prepare for media interviews, tailored to their anticipated interview topics and key messages. The advance work cuts the Zoom time in half by reserving that time for live interview practice with Mary.

Custom Training

Mary produces stand-alone media training videos for clients who need on-demand interview prep for their subject matter experts, instead of live interview practice.

Quick Instruction

Mary produces short videos for clients who need basic communication tips on-demand, like virtual job interview tips for a Minneapolis non-profit.